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2022 Spring Virtual
Advanced Conference

Export Controls and International Politics: How export controls play a starring role in the current environment

May 16-18, 2022 -- 1:00 - 5:00 PM EDT


AGENDA (5/11/2022)

DAY ONE: May 16, 2022 | 1:00 - 5:00 pm

1:00 | Opening Remarks:

Marc Binder, International Trade Compliance Strategies, SIA President
Katherine Heubert, Reeves & Dola LLP, SIA Conference Director

1:15 | Keynote Address

Matt Axelrod, Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement, U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security

1:45 | Regulatory Updates

Industry Speakers:  Robert Metzger, Rogers, Joseph, & O’Donnell        
USG Speakers: Rob Hart, DDTC Policy; Karen Nies-Vogel, BIS Office of Exporter Services; Susan Daoussi, DTSA ECD
  • Regulatory and agency updates
  • Country Policy updates – Russia/Belarus/Ukraine
  • ITAR reorganization
  • DDTC website modernization
  • CMMC "false start" – what to do in the meantime
  • NIST changes

2:45 | Break (10 minutes)

2:55 | GeoPolitics and Export Control

Industry Speakers: Annie Froehlich, Cooley; R. Clarke Cooper, Atlantic Council
  • Addressing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the impact on trade regulations governing supply chain, shipping routes, and export controls
  • How export controls are used to advance foreign policy and national security goals

3:55 | Economic and Trade Sanctions

Moderator: David Peyman, DLA Piper
Industry Speaker:  Gwen Green, Holland & Hart 
USG Speakers: Eileen Albanese, BIS; Joshua Mater, Department of State

  • • How U.S. companies are navigating US sanctions on Russia, Belarus, and certain areas of Ukraine
  • Addressing impact on international companies
  • Discussion with USG speakers on how the government relies on export controls
  • Enacting sanctions as a foreign policy tool

5:00 | Wrap Up & Adjourn

DAY TWO: May 17, 2022 | 1:00 - 5:00 pm

1:25 | Opening Remarks

Marc Binder, International Trade Compliance Strategies, SIA President   
Katherine Heubert, Reeves & Dola LLP, SIA Conference Director

1:30 | Foreign Direct Product Rule and De Minimis

USG Speakers:  Sharron Cook, BIS; Eileen Albanese, BIS

  • Addressing the "what" and "how" of De Minimis and the Foreign Direct Product Rules, with an emphasis on the new Russia/Belarus FDP rule
  • How to use De Minimis and the FDP rules generally (from U.S. and non-U.S. industry perspective)
  • Comparison of Huawei FDP Rule
  • History of FDP rule

3:00 | Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC)

USG Speaker: Cathleen Ryan, Director, Office of Antiboycott Compliance

  • Antiboycott Compliance Overview with real world examples including:
    • Antiboycott compliance impact on managing foreign third parties
    • Staying compliant while operating in a global marketplace
    • Abraham Accords – what they are and what did they do

4:00 | Break (10 Minutes)

4:10 | Brokering Part 129

Industry Speakers:  Johanna Reeves, Reeves & Dola LLP; Kelli Bullington, Mag Aerospace  
USG Speaker: Tom Trotto, DDTC Licensing

  • How Part 129 covers USMIL items within the context of supporting Ukraine
  • General brokering how-to (licensing, pitfalls, best practices)

5:00 | Wrap up

DAY THREE: May 18, 2022 | 1:00 - 5:00 pm

1:00 | Opening Remarks

Marc Binder, International Trade Compliance Strategies, SIA President   
Katherine Heubert, Reeves & Dola LLP, SIA Conference Director

1:05 | Keynote Address

Jessica Steffens, Senior Professional Staff Member at United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs

1:30 | Emerging Technologies & CFIUS Review

Industry Speaker:  Nate Bolin, DLA Piper   
USG Speakers:  Phil Ludvigson, CFIUS; Tongele Tongele, BIS

  • Emerging Technologies – Existing regulations and BIS outreach
  • Frequently asked emerging technologies questions answered – what you need to know
  • Common CFIUS pitfalls and how to avoid them
    • Mandatory vs. voluntary notice
    • Considerations for filing a declaration
    • Diligence best practices to avoid downstream regulatory risk

2:30 | Consent Agreements – An Industry Comparative Analysis

Industry Speakers:   Fred Helmstetter, L3Harris Technologies, Inc.; Josh Fitzhugh, Flex; Arthur Schulman, General Atomics

  • Contrast and analysis of recent Consent Agreements
  • Risk tolerance and warning signs
    • Balancing proactive business development
  • Implementing mitigating measures and practical corrective actions
  • Reinventing best practices and finding new ones
  • Compliance responsibilities of an Empowered Official and duty to stay informed

    3:30 | Break (10 minutes)

    3:40 | Navigating Complex Export Controls

    Industry Speakers:   Matt Henson, TC Engine; Kyle Ballard, Raytheon Technologies Corporation  
    USG Speaker:  Rob Hart, DDTC Policy

    • Third party transfers and retransfers from an industry perspective

    • Successful 126.4 use cases
    • How global companies have leveraged 120.54 to better leverage collaboration across borders

      4:40 | Part 130

      Industry Speakers: Christen Connell, Raytheon Technologies Corporation; Steve Pelak, Holland & Hart
      DDTC Speaker: Cat Hamilton, DDTC Licensing

      • What it means when you check that box on the DSP-5
      • Implications of a positive Part 130 statement
      • What other agencies are notified when a positive Part 130 statement is indicated?
      • Overview of DTAG proposals and their status
      • Congressional notification of Part 130 requirements
      • Part 130 reporting for FMS cases
      • Practical considerations and best practices

        5:30 | Wrap up & Adjourn

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