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Educating the International Trade Community on Export and Import Process

2024 Winter Back to Basics Virtual Conference

Monday, February 5 - Friday, February 9, 2024 | 1:00 - 5:00  PM EST

Cancellation requests must be sent in writing to by Monday, February 5, 2024 to be eligible for a refund. There will be a $35 fee for all cancellations and bank returned checks.

Refunds will not be provided for cancellation requests received after Monday, February 5, 2024. 

The WEBEX link will be provided to all registrants on Friday, February 2 and will also be sent each day prior to the start of the event.  The link will be the same for all 5 days of the conference.

(AGENDA (Updated as of 1/28/2024) | Please note that panel timing is subject to adjustment based upon speaker scheduling. Check back for updates! )

Day One

1:00 | Opening Remarks

Matt Binder, Conference Director, Huntington Ingalls Industries

1:15 | Overview of Export Control Regimes & Regulations Panel

Tom Donovan, SIA Board President, Northrop Grumman   
Josh Richter, SIA Board Member, Leonardo DRS, Inc.

This Panel will provide a basic overview of U.S. Export Control Regimes and Regulations. Attendees will be introduced to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The panel will discuss the various government agencies that oversee the regulations. General concepts on jurisdiction determination and 600 series will be introduced. Key definitions found in the regulations will be discussed to include defense articles, export, release, U.S. person, technical data and technology.

Introduction of scenario used throughout the sessions.

3:00 | Break

3:15 | Submission Tools

Ryan McMullin, DDTC
Noah Battista, DDTC
Lisa Williams, BIS

This Panel will provide guidance on the two U.S. government submission tools – DECCS for ITAR submissions and SNAP-R for EAR submissions. For DECCS, the panel will discuss registration submissions, licensing submissions and user management. Similarly, for SNAP-R, the panel will discuss obtaining Company Identification Numbers (CIN), administrator management and submission options.

4:15 | DDTC Registration

Travis Bryant, DDTC 
Doug Parks, DDTC

The panel will provide an overview of the registration requirements and process under the ITAR. There will also be discussion on registration management.

4:45     Adjourn

Day Two

1:00 | Opening Remarks 

1:05 | Commodity Jurisdiction and Classification Panel

Candace Goforth, SIA Board Treasurer/Secretary, Content Enablers
Jeffrey Leitz, BIS   
Chris Weil, DDTC 
Patrick Marzluff, DTSA

Before you can export, you must determine which regulation (ITAR or EAR) applies to the product or technology. Determination of the “jurisdiction” is the first critical step. Next you must determine the applicable export “classification” – either U.S. Munitions List (USML) category or Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). This panel will address the process to make a self-determination on jurisdiction and classification. It will address the “specially designed” analysis. The process to submit and obtain a Commodity Jurisdiction determination will be covered to support companies that cannot make a self-determination.

Hands-on experience will be gained by walking through the commodity jurisdiction and export classification process of aerospace and defense systems/products.  This will require participants to access the ITAR and EAR to analyze products against provided criteria and make a jurisdiction and classification determination.

2:45 | Break

3:00 | Commodity Jurisdiction and Classification Panel (continued)

4:45 | Adjourn

Day Three 

1:00 | Opening Remarks

1:05 | ITAR Exemptions/EAR Exceptions Panel 

Dave Allman (ITAR), SIA Board Vice President, DLA Piper LLP (US)   
Jahna Hartwig (EAR), SIA Board Member, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati  
Tim Mooney, BIS  
Patrick Marzluff, DTSA
Engda Wubneh, DDTC

The ITAR provides “Exemptions” from the requirement for an export license.  This presentation will help you identify the various exemptions available, and when and how to use them. Exemptions will cover the exportation of defense articles, technical data and the provision of defense services and will cover ITAR sections 123, 124, 125 and 126.    

Similarly, the EAR has “license exceptions” which may satisfy a license requirement. This panel will provide a general overview of EAR Licensing requirements and EAR Exceptions that may be used in lieu of an export license. It will also cover the structure of the Commerce Control List (CCL), reading Export Classification Control Numbers (ECCN), and understanding the 10 General Prohibitions.

3:00 | Break

3:15 | ITAR Licensing Panel 

Tamara Overton, SIA Board Member, Lockheed Martin Corporation   
Marcus Johnson, DDTC

This Panel will provide a roadmap for the complex ITAR licensing process and help you identify what type of license is needed for a particular transaction. This panel will address DSP-5, DSP-73, DSP-61, DSP-85 and all supporting amendments. Attendees will learn the types of supporting documentation required to submit with each license type. Advice and tips will be provided on what the US Government regulator is looking for in an application. Guidance on how to submit a license to the government and how to track a case will be discussed. 

4:15 | EAR Licensing Panel

Josh Richter, SIA Board Member, Leonardo DRS, Inc.   
James Salandro, BIS 

The panel will map out EAR Licensing requirements and highlight supporting documentation required for certain types of license submissions, as well as No License Required exports. Guidance on how to submit a license to the government will be discussed. 

5:30 | Adjourn

Day Four

1:00 | Opening Remarks

1:05 | ITAR Agreements–Overview, Preparation and Best Practices

Katherine Heubert, SIA Board Member, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
Nick Swanson, DDTC

This Panel will explain Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA), Manufacturing Licensing Agreements (MLA), and Warehouse and Distribution Agreements (WDA) – when you need them, how to prepare, and helpful best practices to ensure success. Key areas will include the preparation of the transmittal letter and agreement, managing provisos, congressional notification, and general maintenance of an agreement. In addition, this panel will address the submission of licenses in furtherance of agreements. 

3:00 | Break

3:15 | ITAR Agreements–Overview, Preparation and Best Practices (continued) 

4:00 | DTSA Review Panel

Linda Smith, DTSA
Douglas Harden, DTSA

The Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) will explain their critical role in the export license review and approval process. DTSA reviewers include both technical and policy experts. This panel will explain what information is necessary on your license submittals to obtain success.

4:45 | Adjourn

Day Five

1:00 | Opening Remarks

1:05 | Got your license… now what?

Marc Binder, SIA Board Advisor, International Trade Compliance Strategies

This panel will address the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) and the various regulatory steps required when shipping tangible items. Specifically, the attendees will learn about the destination control statements of the ITAR and EAR and how to manage export shipments. The panel will cover the Automated Export System (AES) and how best to deal with U.S. Customs.  

2:45 | Break

3:00 | Trade Compliance Program/Disclosures and Enforcement

Jennifer Weinel, SIA Board Advisor, Northrop Grumman Corporation   
Orestes Theocharides, BIS 
Ryan Hebein, DDTC 

This Panel will focus on Trade Compliance Programs and what your company needs to do to implement an effective one, to include monitoring and identification of violations and an overview of the Voluntary Disclosure process.  Attendees will learn about key elements of a Compliance Program to include Management Commitment, recordkeeping, policies, procedures, training, and monitoring.  The panel will address the synergies between complying with the ITAR and the EAR.

5:00 | Conference Adjourns

WINTER 2024 

Conference Director:  Matt Binder | Huntington Ingalls Industries
Speaker Liaison:  Marwa Hassoun | Brooks
AV/Pubs 1:  Jennifer Browning | The Boeing Company
AV/Pubs 2:  Yema Stewart | Leidos, Inc.
SIA Board Liaisons:  Josh Richter, SIA P&E | Leonardo DRS, Inc. & Katherine Heubert, SIA P&E | Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    SIA Business Office:  Donna Dietz, Pati Colon, Courtney Dietz

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